The Singing Experience, in a word…

The human voice and the journey to master it as a musical instrument is mystical and abstract. For as many singers one may meet, there will be an equal number of varied descriptions and explanations of how they do what they do, both in the techniques of vocal production and interpretation.

In my studio, I take on a holistic approach strongly rooted in the traditional Italian school of singing (Bel Canto). In that, great emphasis is expressed of the importance of the singer’s breath, the mechanics of breathing, engaging a “thoughtful” breath, the relationship between the breath and the voice, how to engage the voice (onset) and the development of the vocal line. I’m a firm believer that 50% of the singer’s technique relies on the Actor’s Process and that development of dramatic expression. As artists, we work with words primarily and the music is the dramatic extension. Ultimately, our objective is to develop the singing experience so that one feels the voice as etherial, effortless, yet profoundly powerful, colourful and meaningful, successfully communicating the truth of the artist and their character.

un peu de frou frou…
Stuart Graham as Baron Gondremark in Toronto Operetta Theatre’s production of Jacques Offenbach’s LA VIE PARISIENNE, St. Lawrence Centre of the Arts, Toronto, Canada  (photo credit: Emily Ding)


Technical development is concentrated on the principles of Bel Canto singing

  • Breath
  • Vocal Production
  • Articulation


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish (Castillano & various accents of Latin America)
  • Latin (German & Italian)
  • Russian
  • Czech

Performance Coaching of different Period & Musical Styles


  • Art Song|Melodie|Lied
  • Concert|Mass|Oratorio
  • Opera
  • Musical Theatre

 Preparation for:

  • RCM Preparatory exams
  • University/Conservatory Entrance Auditions
  • Competitions (Regional/National/International)
  • Public Performance (Role/Concert)


The Studio in Concert: Pergolesi’s STABAT MATER “Inflammatus et accensus” (Spring 2010)

The Studio in Concert: Opera Workshop (Spring 2005)