TORONTO SINGERS! Get a head start on your September audition preparation! I’ll be giving my new masterclass “Prima La Parola” this coming Saturday August 27 12:30-4:30pm at the Edward Jackman Ctr. The wonderful Jo Greenway is our pianist for the afternoon. Do come and participate in this conversation about the singer’s often complex relationship with various lyric languages and how to make them your own and express truth as if it were your “mother tongue”.

That has forever been the argument; “prima la parola e dopo la musica” or “prima la musica e dopo la parola”. This topic is a continuation of the conversation from my other popular masterclass “Singing as Theatre” that explores singing through the actor’s process. Prima la Parola takes a deeper dive into the singer’s relationship with the various lyric languages, diction, articulation, its “tongue” (mouth), how it speaks, its natural expression, energy, and cultural temperament and how the detail of all of that facilitates the singer technically and gives profound access to the honest communication of the character’s truth.

Beautiful speaking is beautiful singing...

Some root questions to be pondered and explored in the during the class:

  • What are the differences in the experience of singing different languages?
  • How does one cultivate an English mouth, a French mouth, an Italian mouth, a German mouth, a Spanish mouth, etc.?
  • How do the different languages, distinctly, articulate? What muscles do they use? How do they use them?
  • How do they resonate?
  • How do the resonant spaces shift and adapt from one language to another?
  • How do the different languages speak, live, energize, communicate (syntax)?
  • How does that affect the nature of the musical expression, culturally distinctive styles?
  • Etc………
Why be excellent... when you can be exceptional?




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Tel: 416.927.9105

Mexico City Masterclass 2021